Spinning Classes at Blazing Saddles Indoor Cycling in Sherman Oaks, CASpinning® is a non-impact aerobic exercise program that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle and can be done by people of all fitness levels. Our classes combine coaching, strength- and stamina-building, energizing music, cardio-vascular health, and a monster calorie burn. We don’t do hybrid workouts and we don’t do gimmicks.

Using music to motivate and coordinate, the instructor guides students through a series of hills, sprints, and jumps. During the 50-60 minute class, the pace and intensity will vary – sometimes it’s fast pedaling on a “flat road” and other times it’s slower “uphill” pedaling from a standing position. The instructor creates and orchestrates the overall group experience, and students themselves further customize their own workout experience by adjusting their pace or the tension knob on the bike.

This workout burns serious calories (from 400 to 800 in 45 minutes) – and the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. You’re toning the quad muscles, the outer thigh muscles, the glutes, abs and arms. You are focusing your mind and pumping your heart. It is an upbeat, invigorating, efficient, addictive and fun group effort.

There is no impact on the joints.  It’s an extremely efficient calorie-burn.  You’re out of here in an hour.

And anyone can be in class – regardless of fitness level – because you are in control of the resistance knob on the bike.