You’re thinking of coming to Blazing Saddles – how cool!  We want you to have an awesome time.


Spinning Merchandise For Sale Blazing Saddles Indoor Cycling in Sherman Oaks, CAHere’s some stuff that’s pretty helpful to know:

We have a purified water system, so please bring your workout water bottle (no glass bottles, please).  Or you can purchase SmartWaters, etc. from us.  We have changing areas and restrooms, but we do not have showers.  Your bags and personal items get stowed in cubbies in the Spin room.  Please show up early so that we can advise you on setting up your bike properly.  We do not allow newcomers or those needing assistance with bike setup into a busy class that has already begun.

We will likely encourage you to borrow our Spinning shoes, so that you can “clip into” the pedals.  Most people agree that clipping in with the shoes (as opposed to strapping your sneakers into pedal cages) makes you feel more secure and gives you a better workout.  It’s free the first time you borrow the shoes!  After that, we rent them for $3.  You also have the option to Spin in your regular workout shoes – but it’s best to do this only if you’ve got sturdy workout shoes, like cross-trainers.  Really lightweight shoes that are too soft-soled are going to be uncomfortable on our pedals and in the pedal cages.

Please review the Directions and Parking information on our website, so that you can arrive at least 10 minutes early. For safety reasons, we are not able to allow first-time clients who are new to Spinning into a busy class that has already begun.  Our address is Ventura Boulevard, but our entrance is on Allott Avenue.  Please pay careful attention to street parking signs, as the residential areas go to Permit-Only overnight from 6pm to 8am.




Allow for digestion time.  Generally, most people find that smaller meals can be eaten two or three hours prior to this workout.  Allow one to two hours to digest blended or liquid meals and less than an hour for a small snack, according to your own tolerance level.  Always allow more digestion time before this intense exercise!

Cushion your seat.  If you're not accustomed to riding a bike, the bike seat may feel a little hard on your butt.  This feeling goes away before too long, as your gluteal muscles get firmer and adapt to the activity.  In the meantime, consider wearing padded bike shorts (available for about $30 in sporting goods stores).  And we've got some gel-filled seat covers on loan that you can put directly over the bike saddle.

Pace yourself.  Go at your own pace and don't get swept up in the class enthusiasm and ride beyond your comfort level.  Since you control the bike's resistance knob, you can stay within a comfortable exercise zone for your fitness level, while still feeling like you're "keeping up" with the class.  You are never lagging behind the pack.  Everyone finishes together, and everyone gets a great workout.



The use of cell phones and the use of earbuds or personal music devices are prohibited during class.

Children/Young Adults/Minors:


    • We can only accommodate riders 12 years of age or older - unless authorized in advance by management.
    • Any rider under the age of 14 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED IN CLASS by a supervising adult 18 years or up.
    • Any rider under the age of 18 must have our WAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY form signed at our front desk by a Parent/Guardian prior to taking a first class.
    • No minors are to be left in our reception area or studio without adult (18 or up) supervision while the parent or family member takes class.


Even if you have a reservation for class – but you do not arrive by start-time – your place in class may be given to a standby student. If you’re running late, simply give us a call at the front desk. Let us know you’re on your way and we will hold your bike for you. First-timers to Blazing Saddles - and those who are new to Spinning and/or require assistance with bike setup should not be arriving late, and may be turned away if a class has already begun.



In order to avoid being charged for a late cancellation, you need to cancel 14 hours prior to a daytime class, and 6 hours prior to an evening class.  For example, for an 8:30am class, you must cancel by 6:30pm the night before.  For a 6:15pm class, you must cancel by 12:15pm on the day of the class.  Cancelling a reservation can be accomplished via your online account, the Blazing Saddles App (for both iPhone/iPad and Android), or by calling or emailing the studio before the deadline.



If you cancel late on an Unlimited, you will be charged a $10 late-cancel fee.  Or, if you have a series that held the reservation, one class will be deducted from that series.



If you don’t cancel and simply don’t show up for your reservation on an Unlimited, you will be charged a $17 no-show fee.  Or, if you have a series that held the reservation, one class will be deducted from that series.

It is our policy for clients with any Unlimited series that we obtain and store credit card information in the event of a no-show or late-cancel.

For any Unlimited, there is no transferring, sharing, pausing, extending, no more than one Spin per day without a backup series – no exceptions.