Do you rent Spinning shoes?

Yes we do - for $3 a pair - subject to availability.  (It’s free the first time you borrow the shoes!)  If you don't have your own Spinning shoes, please always bring sturdy (not too soft) workout shoes – like cross-trainers, in case we don't have your size among our rental shoes.

I've got my own cycling shoes – will they work on your bikes?

Cycling Shoes for Blazing Saddles BikesOur pedals accommodate LOOK DELTA cleats and SPD cleats. There have been some slight variations to the LOOK cleats on outdoor cycling shoes, and those that have been made smaller will be too small for our pedals. In this image, the gray LOOK cleat - called a LOOK KEO - is too small for our pedals. If in doubt, please bring your sturdy workout shoes – or $3 to borrow our Spin shoes.

Where can I buy Spinning shoes?

Try THE BIKE CONNECTION.  They're walking distance from here, on the north side of Ventura Boulevard, just west of Woodman.

You can buy Spinning shoes and cleats from The Bike Connection.  They carry shoes by Specialized that sell for $99.99 and up.  As well, they carry cleats by Look Delta and Shimano (SPD), which range in price from $19.99 to $29.99.  The Bike Connection stocks a full inventory, but if the shoes you like aren't in stock, they can special order them for you.  Anyone in the store can assist you, and should you purchase shoes and cleats from The Bike Connection, simply mention that you spin at Blazing Saddles and they will discount your purchase by 10% and waive the installation fee!

13711 Ventura Boulevard
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 9am-6pm
(818) 995-5788

Do you have showers?  Do you have lockers?

We have changing areas and restrooms, but we do not have showers.  Your bags and personal items get stowed in cubbies in the Spin room.    

‚ÄčAm I able to reserve a specific bike?

No, not at this time.  We do first-come, first-served general admission on the bikes.

How do the waitlists work?

We only run automated waitlists for the weekend classes (and on major holidays).

If you are on a weekend waitlist - and get bumped up into the class when someone drops out - you will receive both an AUTO-EMAIL notifying you AND a TEXT MESSAGE ALERT- and you MUST RESPOND to the email or text (or call us) to confirm you plan to attend.  Waitlists disappear the night before the class.  If you didn't hear that you moved up - or you did not respond in time - please check the bike counts in the morning - or call us to see if we can squeeze you in.  Please make sure your correct cell number is on your online account and that you are opted in for automated emails.  Otherwise you won't receive notification that you've moved off a waitlist and into a class.

What is Spinning etiquette?

If you're new to Spinning, don't be late.  If you're a regular and you sometimes do your own thing, please do it in the back row.  It's distracting and disrespectful to be up front ignoring the instructor.  No cell phones and no earbuds or personal music players during class.  Wear deodorant and clean clothes.  Please notify the instructor if you are using your smartphone as a heart rate monitor.  There is a zero tolerance policy for texting or playing with phones during classes at our studio.

Can my kid Spin with me?

We can only accommodate riders 12 years of age or older.  If your kid is 12 or older - and their legs can reach the pedals - your kid can Spin.  Here are our policies regarding minors:

· Any rider under the age of 14 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED IN CLASS by a supervising adult 18 years or up.
· Any rider under the age of 18 must have our WAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY form signed at our front desk by a Parent/Guardian prior to taking a first class.
· No minors are to be left in our reception area or studio without adult (18 or up) supervision while the parent or family member takes class.

Where do I park?

There is a Blazing Saddles parking lot right behind us that we share with Starbucks and Subway.  You pull a ticket, we validate, and that grants you 90 minutes free parking.  There is also free neighborhood parking during the day, and meters (8am-8pm) on Allott Avenue and Ventura Boulevard.  Our front entrance is on Allott.

Please be mindful that there are Street Cleaning restrictions on Allott Avenue (Thursdays & Fridays, 8am-10am), and parking is permit-restricted on Allott before 8:00am and after 6:00pm, daily.  Please be heads-up about parking on the street - the tickets are expensive!

What is the reservation/cancellation policy?

Reservations are strongly recommended, and we only take paid reservations.

Even if you have a reservation for class – but you do not arrive by start-time – your place in class may be given to a standby student.  If you’re running late, simply give us a call at the front desk.  Let us know you’re on your way and we will hold your bike for you.  First-timers to Blazing Saddles - and those who are new to Spinning and/or require assistance with bike setup should not be arriving late, and may be turned away if a class has already begun.

In order to avoid being charged for a late cancellation, you need to cancel 14 hours prior to a daytime class, and 6 hours prior to an evening class.  For example, for an 8:30am class, you must cancel by 6:30pm the night before.  For a 6:15pm class, you must cancel by 12:15pm on the day of the class.  Cancelling a reservation can be accomplished via your online account, the Blazing Saddles App (for both iPhone/iPad and Android), or by calling or emailing the studio before the deadline.

If you cancel late on an Unlimited, you will be charged a $10 late-cancel fee.  Or, if you have a series that held the reservation, one class will be deducted from that series

If you don’t cancel and simply don’t show up for your reservation on an Unlimited, you will be charged a $17 no-show fee.  Or, if you have a series that held the reservation, one class will be deducted from that series.

It is our policy for clients with any Unlimited series that we obtain and store credit card information in the event of a no-show or late-cancel.