Blazing Saddles Indoor Cycling Founders; Susan, Steve, & ShirleySusan Schwartz bought her first racing bike in 1995 – a beat-up old Battaglin that had been ridden in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. She hasn't stopped pedaling since. An accomplished triathlete and dedicated weekend warrior, Susan is a veritable adrenaline junkie. She's ridden to raise money for 9-11 survivors, earthquake victims, AIDS patients, and inner city kids. And when Susan's not tearing up the roads, she takes her passion indoors. After becoming a Mad Dogg-Certified Spinning® instructor and personal trainer in 1996, Susan's career in the fitness industry took off. Her infectious energy and undying dedication to cycling, nutrition and fitness has spawned a loyal and dedicated following. Today, Susan is one of the most accomplished and well known Spinning instructors in Los Angeles.

In 2002, Shirley and Steve O'Connor founded Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks. It was an endeavor born of a pure intention to be part of the community and a desire to bring generosity, friendliness, and ego-free, high-quality yoga to the neighborhood. The family business thrived and became a place of nurturing and community, unmatched in its authenticity.

Seeking more cardiovascular work to incorporate into their exercise regimens, Shirley and Steve began taking Spinning classes and very soon – and very enthusiastically – became Certified Spinning® Instructors.  Then, just at the right time, they met Susan.

Shirley and Steve joined forces with Susan and opened Blazing Saddles Indoor Cycling on December 1st, 2011.