Blazing 50 Spin +15 arms

This class is taught by:

Maxi Witrak

Maxi is a Seattle native who's ready to make it rain!  A proud product of Blazing Saddles' instructor training program, Maxi's enthusiasm is infectious and her smile literally lights up the room.  She cranks out a diverse mix of top-40, hip hop, throw backs and pop rock.

When she's not in the saddle, you might find Maxi... in the saddle!  She's an equestrian champ who holds both national and world titles and even loves a good fox hunt.  So pull up your breeches, strap on your spurs, and come ready to ride!  Giddy-up!

Colin Kim

Colin Kim is an indoor cycling instructor and spiritual teacher, a respected pioneer in the industry with over 4,000 classes under his belt. His powerful approach to fitness continues to elevate the lives of his students and with gentle confidence and golden trust he holds in practice top name celebrities, professional athletes and the brand new student. When the moment comes, Colin has an intuitive knack for guiding the process of emotional healing. His encyclopedic knowledge comes through personal; musical, uplifting and super fun.

Stephanie Walsh

A Minnesota native, Stephanie has lived in LA for 20 years. But you may occasionally hear the accent slip out -- Yah sure, you betcha! In addition to Spinning, Stephanie practices Yoga and Pilates and loves hiking with her daughter. When she's not exercising, you might find this devoted hockey mom driving her son to his games somewhere between Bakersfield and San Diego. Stephanie's classes are energetic, no-nonsense and extremely motivational. Do we think you will love her? Yah sure, you betcha!

Lisa Goldsman

Lisa’s road to health and fitness began in 1998 when she took her first Spinning class with Johnny G.  Three months and forty pounds later, it was obvious that Spinning had sparked a passion for staying fit and eating properly!  Lisa has studied nutrition and enjoys creating healthy eating plans.  She loves motivating people with a challenging workout designed to help transform their bodies.

Spinning, hiking, running, Lagree Fitness, circuit training and - most of all - a dedicated yoga practice have helped Lisa find a great mixture of body awareness, mental as well as physical strength.

Lisa uses diverse playlists with a variety of musical genres (she is always looking for new music and welcomes requests!)  Lisa’s classes are energetic, challenging and designed to motivate!

45-minute Spin, 5 minute cool-down. Optional bonus workout for the upper-body following the Spin at no extra charge. Non-impact aerobic exercise on a stationary bike, suitable for all fitness levels. Classes combine coaching, strength- and stamina-building, energizing music, cardio-vascular health, and a monster calorie burn. 

Upcoming classes:

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